Our NEXT Initiative is a two year journey that we will make together to more boldly fulfill the vision that God has given to Shiloh Community Church and to each of us as His children. Now is the time that we come together and elevate the unity of our church around advancing the vision. During NEXT all of us will challenge ourselves to pursue a greater level of commitment of our time, talent, and treasure so that we can be part of something that has eternal value. As a church body, it is time to pray and declare that we are ready for what is NEXT!

For 36 years we have been seeking to make disciples who Love God, Love His Church, and Show His Love to the World. Now it is time to take that to the NEXT level. God is opening doors for ministry that are unprecedented and we want to get behind what we see the Lord doing. Embracing these opportunities will require that we each seek and depend on the Lord like never before. We will each need to examine what sacrifices we can make and come together to bring those before the Lord. In order for us as a church to enter into what God has in store, we must each be ready for what is NEXT!



Pray that God will work in the hearts of His people at Shiloh Community Church and that we will listen with the intent to obey.


The primary goal of this initiative is 100% participation. That begins with your decision to listen to what God tells you and commit to it. We also need your commitment to stand with Shiloh and lend your influence for others to do the same.


God is going to do some amazing things as we launch this initiative. Our worship is going to be vibrant, the messages are going to be compelling, and we’re going to hear some amazing stories of victories from people in our congregation. Let’s be poised and ready to celebrate all of these in a big way.


Ultimately, each of us will turn in a NEXT Commitment Card indicating what we will give to this initiative. What should your commitment look like? It should be something that is responsible and yet stretches your faith to a whole new level in your giving and generosity.